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Parco Sigurtà: 6 suggestions that you may not know

Have you ever thought of wanting to stroll among blooms, green oases and aquatic plants? A place where you can rediscover the contact and the sound of nature, away from smog and horn?

With Parco Giardino Sigurtà all this becomes possible. It boasts of being the largest natural park in Italy, located just 8 kilometers from Lake Garda and at the gates of Valeggio sul Mincio. About 60 hectares form this place of precious tranquility, which contains many elements related to the history of the Park and green corners of unique beauty.

But there are 6 things that you may not know and that we would like to suggest:


  1. Tulipanomania: if you visit the Park in the period from the end of March to the beginning of April, you cannot miss the blooming tulips. More than 300 varieties of tulips color the Park with their bright shades and colors, including black. Walking in this infinity of colors will make you feel like you are inside a painting!
  2. The best time to visit: it will seem obvious, but Spring remains the best season to visit the Park, where nature awakens and the atmosphere is colored with life and new scents. But it is with the month of September that it acquires a unique and special charm: Autumn gives the explosive and enveloping shades of Asters and Dahlias, creating contrasts and colors with the turf.
  3. Can I enter with the dog? For those who come to visit with a four-legged friend, you must know that entry into the Sigurtà Park is not allowed. In this regard, however, the Management reserves the right to recommend some affiliated boarding houses where you can leave your dog in trusted hands, so you don’t necessarily have to give up your visit (Here you can find information on the regulation and boarding for animals).
  4. Events promoted from September to November: until November 8, the Park periodically organizes events involving different age groups, from the Halloween run to the Cosplay parade. To see the list of promoted events take a look at this link.
  5. Promotions
    • For groups: the Park reserves special offers for schools and for groups of a minimum of 25 people. In the “Timetables and prices” section of the Parco Giardino Sigurtà website you can find the appropriate forms to fill in with your details to visit it at really advantageous prices!
    • Special offers: in the website section Buy tickets you will find a monthly calendar where special days are highlighted in green, offering advantageous and always different online discounts.
  6. How to visit the park: once you enter you can choose different means at your disposal, since the paths that wind from the entrance are numerous and dedicated to all types of transport.
    • The option of the classic walk is favored above all by those who prefer to choose certain points of interest, given the considerable size of the Park, and by those who want to fully enjoy the quiet it offers;
    • It is possible to access with your own bicycle or to rent it on site, the cost is € 4.00 for the classic bicycle and € 6.00 for the electric one. You can thus live the experience of cycling in the middle of nature for 6 km;
    • For those who prefer to have a global overview of the Park, with only € 3.50 they can board the small train to discover the most evocative places. The voice of the audio guide will reveal the secrets of the Park for a duration of 35 minutes;
    • If you are 4 people and you want to get on board an electric golf cart, it is possible at Parco Giardino Sigurtà. With € 18.00 per hour you can visit the park thanks to a guide with GPS satellite detection in four different languages. If, on the other hand, you are a group of up to 13 people, the visit is made possible on board the electric shuttle (The tour lasts about an hour and the cost is €, 00 for adults and € 4.00 for children aged 5 to 14).

Our advice is to dedicate an entire day to visiting the Park, to rediscover contact with nature and all its magic.



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